Flex TT Binding

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North Flex Bindings 2021


+Adjustable top-loading footstrap
+KnitFlex seamless comfort and support
+Impact resistant triple-density GripFlex footbeds

Where it thrives
Chasing the horizon

What riders say
"Cushions those big landings coming down from super high, with enough stiffness so you don't bottom out." - Bruna Kajiya

Strap in for the ride of your life

Engineered and refined for connection, comfort and performance, our Flex Bindings give you a locked-in feel and solid support. Extremely soft KnitFlex straps are fully adjustable, conforming to your whole foot with no stitching or bunching. Triple-density rubberized EVA footbeds provide lightweight cushioning and maintain grip underfoot when wet. Super quick three-point connection setup ensures a customised fit, and split inner velcro straps ensure maximum comfort for all foot shapes, sizes and rider styles.

Adjustable top-loading footstrap

For quick setup and a perfect fit for all sizes. The Flex Adjustors allow comfortable foot positioning, a secure feel and use of the toe bar. Simply drop the inner and outer Flex Adjustors into the baseplate from the top, move forward or backward then pull up into your desired position. For a more locked-in feeling set the inner two Flex Adjusters further apart. The patented rear eyelets have an outward kick to ensure your foot never comes in contact with the eyelet on hard landings.

KnitFlex seamless comfort and support

Our unique seamless KnitFlex inners are engineered for topside comfort and support. The NEW Knitflex fabric is pre-tensioned and laminated to the conforming foam inner, so it can create a 3D-curve without any bunching or creasing, and there’s no inner stitching to rub on your foot. NEW softer, thinner inner foam allows your foot to shuffle more easily into a locked-in position.

Impact resistant triple-density GripFlex footbeds

Lightweight, rubberized EVA provides soft cushioning and maintains grip underfoot when wet. The forward sloping grip pattern with ramped toe bar provides a good edge to get purchase on and prevents your foot from slipping out during high rotation tricks. High-density impact pads protect the heel from board contact on big landings, and are dual-moulded with a medium-density layer for serious impact protection. Another softer insert provides strategically-placed comfort under the ball of the foot.

Custom fit for all sizes

Inner and outer Flex Adjusters move forward and backward to ensure comfortable foot positioning for a secure feel and use of the toe bar.