Takuma Kujiira 750 Aluminium or Carbon mast

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The Kujira 750cm2 front wing and 178cm2 back wing set is designed for expert riders who are looking for performance and speed in serious conditions.

It delivers an insane level of maneuverability perfectly suited for prone foiling. With intense carving potential, it allows you to make precise turns at speed.

Specially tailored for the new era of wing riding and tow-foiling. The Kujira 750 is the ideal option for lightweight riders seeking extreme performance with unmatched lift, speed, and glide while most importantly maintaining control.

- New tubercle design inspired by the humpback whale's pectoral fin.

- LOL upturned winglets on our hydrofoils give them much more efficient glide and lift with significantly less drag allowing the rider a feeling of extra comfort while foiling.

Front Wing 

Wing span : 675mm

Chord : 139mm

Project area : 750 cm2


Back Wing 

Wing span : 345 mm

Chord : 67 mm

Project area : 178 cm2


Complete your set with mast 65, 75 or 85cm.