Indiana 820P Pump/Surffoil

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The 820P is the smaller brother of the 1100P which proved to be the best pumping machine with its amazing low end performance and easy handling. The wing has the same amazing pumping ability, but adds more agility and speed.
The 820P works well for all Foil Sports. Winging, Dockstarting, Light Wind Kitefoiling, Windfoiling and Surf Foiling. The 820P does it all. Comes with a high quality protective cover.

Consists of:

- Indiana Foil Stabilizer 420 (with Sleeve)
- Indiana Foil Front Wing 820 (with Sleeve)
- Indiana Foil Alu Mast 75cm (with Sleeve)
- Indiana Foil Baseplate Alu
- Indiana Foil Set of Mast / Fuselage Screws
- Indiana Foil Set of Stab Angle Adaptors
- Indiana Foil Surf Fuselage (incl. Cartridge)

Span: 82cm, Area: 1950cm2, Volume: 2923cm3, Weight: 890g • Material: 100% Carbon, PVC Foam, Epoxy • Production Technique: Steel Mold • Produced in China • Includes Wing Sleeve