Mystic Star Fullsuit 5/3 mm

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The Star series of wetsuits are great suits available for all types of water sports with the broadest choice of entry types and designs from the Mystic series. The key focus has been to design an affordable suit that will deliver heavily on style and functionality.

Refreshing the range for this season there have been some great additions. Like for instance, all the full suits have received the soft and warming polar lining on the back and chest area. And on top of that, Mystic has also added critical neoprene taping on the seams to provide an even better protection from water entering the suit.


  • Glued Blind Stitched
    • This way of first gluing the seams before stitching them halfway through the material is a great way of waterproofing at the seams.
  • Critical Taping Inside
    • This waterproofed critical taping is applied in critical areas of the wetsuit to prevent water from coming through the suit.
  • Glideskin Thin Neck Construction
    • The Thin Neck construction features a reduced thickness of the entire neck area which allows for the neoprene to follow the curves of the neck with less pressure. This makes the neck lining feel like a second skin and enables excellent water closure.
  • Aquabarrier
    • By applying a silicone print in key areas, the Aquabarrier creates a shield preventing water from entering your suit.
  • 4-way Stretch Kneepads
    • The Super-Tex fabric used on the knee-areas are highly durable and will stretch far more in order to provide freedom of movement and also protect the knees.
  • Velcro Ankle Closure
    • Included Velcro straps for use in the ankle area, where they provide a snugger fit and a better prevention of water from getting inside the suit. They are not attached to the suit, thus making them optional.
  • Back-Zip
    • The Back-Zip is the most classic way of closing up a wetsuit. It is by far the easiest way of entering a suit but will often mean that water can get in through the rear of the neck-liner. This is controlled though, depending on the model, with a double liner.


  • 50% M-Flex
    • The M-Flex is a high-end neoprene material with superb flex and an awesome stretch ratio.
  • 50% Soft Touch
    • The core ingredient of all wetsuits is neoprene. Mystic applies this Soft Touch material to many suits. It is a carefully laminated layer of soft neoprene that provides comfort and a good fit.
  • Polar Lining (panel on chest and back)
    • For activities in cold water, there is nothing like the Polar lining of the Mystic suits. This inner layer is soft to the touch and will reflect body heat keeping you warm longer.