Slingshot Alien Air 2019 Kitefoilboard

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  • 3.000,00 kr
  • Normalpris 5.399,00 kr
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The Alien Air is a wider outlined and thicker shape with a more classic surf shape and flipped nose. Constructed with a foam core and glass wrap, the rails on the Alien Air are rounded and bevelled for easy release. This deck promotes faster skill development. With extra float and a wide nose, it can touch down and disperse lots of weight and handle the heavier touchdowns of the beginner. The Alien Air’s concave top deck keeps thing comfortable and gives you added balance over the foil. The thicker rails make it a bit harder for strapless starts and feels a bit larger strapless, but Slingshot has some great foot hooks which give you the grip of straps without the clunkiness and restrictions of a traditional foot strap. Any progressing rider should consider this board to get you going with less frustration and less down time. If you jump into a smaller board before your foil skills are developed you will spend more time in the water and less time learning to foil. The Alien Air is a great choice for foiling more and swimming around less.