Firewire Vader Kite Edition

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The Vader Modern Planing Hull (MPH) is the continued evolution of the MPH. Over five years in the making, this next rung in the MPH ladder is everything you could want a board to be. The Vader will give you all of the planning and performance of the Vanguard but offers even tighter turns in the pocket is blazing fast and has a skate feel with directional drive. A completely asymmetrical design allows for easy access to airs and further reduces the rail line minimizes drag and increases lift. 

The Vader comes in a 5/4/3 configuration allowing you options in fin setups. Unlike most boards that favor one fin setup or the other, the Vader truly rides equally as well as a quad or a tri fin. With the parallel rail line the Vader can be ridden much smaller than your traditional board and if you currently have a Vanguard go 1-2 inches smaller than that. Ride the pinnacle in state of the art wave craft and experience a feeling that only the Vader will deliver!


FVR-503-3-KTE 5’3” x 17 78” x 2 5/16” 25.8 L (without inserts)

FVR-505-3-KTE 5’5” x 18 3/8” x 2 7/16” 28.8 L (without inserts)