Firewire SKX LFT

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The Firewire SKX in LFT technology surfboard is the first regular looking "traditional" shortboard from Tomo. A pretty standard nose outline along with a thumb/squash tail are teamed with Tomo's signature planing hull and an innovative quad inside single concave bottom contour.

The SKX has become Stu Kennedy's go-to contest shortboard when the conditions are a little shy of perfect.

The board performs with immediate responsiveness, bags of lift and drive from the planing hull and would suit an aggressive surfer who favours a carving style coupled with an aerial assault.

The Firewire LFT SKX was designed to thrive in thigh-high to head-high punchy waves, but has earned a rep for ripping in bumpy onshore conditions where linking snappy radical turns in chop is required.

Linear Flex Technology or LFT has replaced the Rapidfire internal carbon rods with an 18mm wide composite Springer stringer HD Suspension System that runs from nose to tail and includes a top-deck sheet to improve compression resistance. This high density insert creates additional strength through the centre with increased flex through the tail. The EPS top sheet buffer above the HD Springer allows for some compression but without the raised ridge and cracking that can occur with traditional wooden stringer surfboards. LFT delivers plenty of 'TWANG' in and out of your turns and creates the fast-twitch flex response that gives the surfer the feedback and return desired. LFT at last brings the perfect blend of a brand-new traditional PU 'board feel' with the added durability of modern sandwich construction.