Takuma 4´4 Foilboard

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The Takuma ZK Carbon Foil Board is designed to deliver a combination of easy prone paddling and effortless take off.
The ZK series makes folling easy and offers limitless possibilities with its lightweight and responsive design. The ZK will have you grinning from ear to ear as you make the most out of small and mushy waves to open ocean swells. This board caters for a range of varied conditions and with the low entry rocker, generous volume and large bevels rails.. The board truly delivers.
This is one of Takuma's most compact models and offers a high quality carbon construction. The overall shape is super responsive and offers excellent maneuverability and pumping ability. The ZK offers smooth and controlled turns with a steady and easily adjustable lift to have you up and airborne in no time. The generous volume, nose width and flat rocker increases stability and control which in turn allows you time to correct your stance or make adjustments as required.
The shape offer increased pumping capability and manouverability with an easier take off due to the flatter rocker and flat deck. The rider will have increased control and more time to correct yourself with this model.
Due to its well balanced stability, all level riders can enjoy this model in various conditions : Surf, down wind or flat water.